Our Businesses

CMSN Network

Cmsn group provides it's IT services through it's Business Name(Trading Name)   Called Cmsn Netowrk with a website www.cmsnnetwrok.com.au We are the on of the most effectivewebsite design and so

Technodesk Australia

Technodesk is computer/server hardware and networking equipment supplier in Australia. We started our journey in 2013 in,. New and refurbished hardware is our main focus. We deliver Thousands of products every month. We deliver our products all over Au


CMSNBD is the Best Hosting Company in Bangladesh. We are offering various hosting service to Bangladeshi clients. We provide domain registration and fastest web hosting service in Banglades


Bargainshop is a global E market place. We have 3000+product in 12 category . We have own shopping card for online payment

New and UP Coming Projects

Solar Energy

We deserve carbon free Australia. CMSN has started its new solar power project as small start-up with 2MW solar project in Woodstock NSW 2538.Upon completion of this solar project Cmsn will be a proud company being a contributor

Crypto Currency Mining

Since end of 2021 cmsn has started its Crypto Currency Mining pilot project . Upon  successfull of this pilot project company is moving forward in a bigger picture for solar powered crypto currency mining farm in regional NSW . 

Green Renewable Energy Hydogen/Oxygen

Clean hydrogen is hyped as the future fuel of the world, Cmsn is hopeful to deliver a profusion of carbon-neutral energy by 2030 and be part of the Net Zero industry.

Livestock Farming

Farming and Agriculture are enormous businesses across Australia .Sheep and Cattle farming makes up a large part of this industry with Australia boastful approximately of the premium sheep and cattle.

Address 1

Ultimo office 

48/89-97 Jones Street Ultimo NSW 2007
Call: 1300-870-274 


Regional Office 


1G/341 Bong Bong Street 

Bowral NSW  2576

Address 2

International Office  ============================
House 19  2nd Floor, Rd No. 5,  Benaroshi Polli ,Mirpur 10  Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

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