The things you can do to make getting a business

Key take-outs: 

  • Short-term money is a key chunk of businesses’ cash organization strategies 
  • Receiving a commercial loan approved by a bank or old-style creditor can be strong
  • Through sympathetic the things, creditors aspect at once measuring your request, you can maximize the probabilities of your credit being approved fast

Keeping a small commercial consecutively deprived of consistent cash flow or working capital is a challenge, especially with the impact that COVID-19 has had on Australian small businesses, and accessing short-term funding is a key part of a number of businesses' cash management strategies.

However, many banks and traditional lenders have eligibility requirements that make it almost impossible to secure a business loan with ease and speed, so we’ve compiled a list of eight things that lenders look at in your application, as well as the areas you can improve in to increase your chances of finance. 


Your credit score 

Banks and traditional financial institutions heavily rely on the company and individual credit score reports to determine the approval or rejection of your business loan application. Generally speaking, a lot of other non-bank lenders will only consider your application if you have a credit score of 500 or more. For many small business owners, this is too high an expectation, especially during the current pandemic and the ongoing changes to businesses. 


The relevant documents 

When applying for a business loan, you need to ensure you’re providing the requested paperwork and that it is accurate. For instance, for our team to assess your file for an offer, we need to see your bank statements. 

Regardless of how impressive your credit score may be, how long you’ve been in business, and how strong your revenue is, if you submit documents that are inaccurate or incomplete, it’s impossible for lenders to confirm your cash flow position and therefore they cannot make you an offer.


Your cash flow

We are a cash flow lender, meaning that we approve and reject loans based on consistent cash flow. Lenders want to see multiple substantial deposits, originating from multiple sources, each month. This demonstrates you have a variety of customer channels and your reliance on them is well spread. Businesses that cannot show proof of steady cash flow often have their applications rejected due to being too heavily reliant on a small number of payers.

To be eligible for a Small Business Loan you will need to have at least an average of $10,000 of monthly revenue.